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    This is (to me) about as cool as it gets (Flyers' jersey)

    Hello everyone,

    For the record, I'm not a huge collector of memorabilia. I have a Gretzky auto jersey I got from a redemption from Upper Deck years ago, a few signed 8 x10's, and a game-used Dominc Roussell stick my dad got for free at practice years ago. The rest is just cards.

    However, every year at Flyers' fan appreciaton day, all of the contests/giveaways are highlighted by the end of the game when the players each give jersey off of their back to fans and sign them. I have a pair of season tix and for the past 5 years, I've managed to win a free bag of popcorn along with everyone in my row, and that's it.

    This year, same old story; no nothing for my section. I said to my wife, "You know, our section exists too," to which she replied, "Don't worry, it's okay if we don't win anything." At the next stoppage of play, they put up the last list of seats for the the jerseys; and her seat was up there. We were a bit excited, to say the least. She asked if I wanted to go down myself, but since it was her seat and she could possible get a Mike Knuble or Max Talbot jersey (she'd leave me in an instant for either one of them), I decided to let her go down.

    Well, sadly to say, she didn't get a Mike Knuble jersey.
    And Max Talbot had already been taken by the time her name Llisa) got called.
    Here's what she had to settle for:

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    wow thats awesome!!! thats an amazing story to tell for years lol
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    I'd settle for that too! :) her face was priceless...nice score!
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    That is awesome, thanks for sharing...Rick
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