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    I'd love the Rags to hammer these pukes. 3 goals per period is fine with me.

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    Brassard scores in the 2nd minute of the 2nd. Goal and an assist now.

    Clowe another assist. Go Rangers !!

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    i liked this trade before and am liking it even more now. ik it's one game but Brassard with 2 points, amazing puck handling for the assist and a beauty of a backhand for a powerplay goal. Moore has looked really good too. Brassard had about as many points as Gabby this year before today, and things just weren't going Gabby's way this year. besides, I highly doubt we would've resigned Gabby in 2014 cause we have a ton of other guys up that year

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    Ryane Clowe gets the 5th goal. That's 2 Goals, 2 Assists.

    Brassard with another assist - 1 Goal, 2 Assists, Gaborik has his work cut out for him in Columbus as he is the only roster player the Rags lost.

    That's 7 Points from Clowe and Brassard.

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    Add in a goal for Moore and another assist from Brassard... Crazy stuff.

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    Honestly, the thing I can't figure out in this trade is why Columbus agreed to it.

    From the Rags perspective it makes complete sense - Gaborik is a talent, but NYR has his kind of talent in spades, and what's it getting them? A tie for last place on the playoff bubble.

    Not to mention that Gaborik has 1yr left with a 7.5 cap hit. That's money that will be used to retain Stepan, Hagelin, and McDonagh. Moving Gaborik for that reason alone is a far better move than falling into a situation like Chicago had, where they wind up selling off assets below market value just to get under the cap. (which is going down next year, mind you.)

    For Columbus they get.... I dunno. What can Gaborik do with Letestu? Johansen? Vinny friggin' Prospal ?
    If the idea is to battle their way into the playoffs then I don't see how this realistically improves them. If it were a video game and Kekalainen could make sure that he was getting 100% out of Gaborik on every shift, then sure... but otherwise their moves - particularly trading their top scorer as part of a package deal - pale in comparison to St Louis, who is in about the same position in the standings, but went out and improved their team instead of making some lateral moves and bringing in a name with some star power behind it.
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    Gaborik has 8-9 goals less than Pascal Dupuis who was un-drafted.

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    Love the trade from the Jackets perspective...Brassard seemed as though he wanted out of Columbus; his time was up. John Moore is easily replaceable for the Jackets and their stable of young defensemen. Dorsett is a grinder, fan-favorite, and one of my favorites, but he's really nothing spectacular. Adding a bona fide goal scorer to the front line is exactly what they needed to do.

    Edit: Gabby had the game-winner for the Jackets tonight, as well.
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    NYR is on the wrong way here taking more and more former CBJ guys. Kekalainen was a winner in this trade for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorni2 View Post
    NYR is on the wrong way here taking more and more former CBJ guys. Kekalainen was a winner in this trade for sure.
    Not understanding this. Are you saying the Rangers are wrong here? Seriously? Gaborik is a fading star at best.

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