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    Obama to return 5% of salary because of sequester

    President Obama follows the lead of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, giving up some salary because the sequester is forcing layoffs

    President Obama plans to return 5% of his salary in response to federal workers who are going to be furloughed, an official said Wednesday.

    The decision comes a day after a similar move by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.
    Obama's move is retroactive to March 1, the first day the ongoing $85 billion in budget cuts known as the sequester began to take effect.
    The president's base salary is $400,000 a year.

    =Side note i am sure this will draw fire and few whacked out comments.!
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    OK I will strike first.Like taking a bucket of sand off the beach.
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    While the money won't help the budget number all that much I like the move and think all politicians should be subject to the furlough if other government employees are. I actually think it's a bit discouraging that they even have a choice. It's easy to do when it's not their money they are cutting. If nothing else you'd think all politicians would give up 5% of their pay to help their look when it comes to the next election cycle. For the amount of cash most of them spend on elections, 5%, even if it's their own personal salary, seems to be very cheap positive advertising for their campaigns.

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    Brilliant PR move on his part, considering 5% loss in his salary is nothing compared to how much money he actually has.
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