Got some very nice mail the past few days through trade/GB/purchases.

Firstly, joined a titanium GB, not gonna show scans but hit these:

Lack Gold RC /100
Kesler GWG
Kulikov/gudbranson GWG Dual /300

The break also came with 2 all star packs, in which I was nicely surprised with this:

Karlsson Certified ASG Auto /25

Now for the new Leafs:
First 2 from a trade with CanuckFan1, thanks again:

From ebay, a super nice JVR Rookie year Cup SS (got this for an absolute steal!)

And of course, 3 new Patchtastic Gardiners!



And last but certainly not least


Thanks to fellow Leaf fan Robb for 2 of those^

I'm approaching very close to 100 unique Gardiners now, I think I might have the unofficial largest unique Gardiner collection around (If you can point me in the direction of someone who may have more, I'm actually really interested to see).
By my count, without 1/1s I have 56% of his cards which I think is pretty good considering I collect all other leafs and don't have a HUGE budget to spend LOL.

Anyways, thanks for looking!