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Thread: Strange Ryan Getzlaf Auto

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    Strange Ryan Getzlaf Auto

    I just pulled this Ryan Getzlaf Yours Truly Autograph from a Zenith break today. The front of the card is not signed. But the back of the card is signed. I dont know if all the Getzlaf from this set is like mine cause there's no one on Ebay completed listings.
    If anyone have the correct version of this card LMK. Thanks.

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    I think I have seen this before. Very strange. Nice auto though

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    I saw a similar card that was signed on the back...
    It was Kopitar, he signed the front and back. It went for alot more on ebay then it would have regularly. Maybe yours will too

    Always looking to trade and sell! Photobucket- Hidden Content /yy

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    Yeah, Getz only signed the backs of his Yours Truly cards, I have one myself. In the same set, Jamie Benn signed both sides.

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    Getz signed the back of every one I've come across, as mentioned above. A not-quite-but-kinda error card.

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    yup ill follow up the same, apparently he signed them all like this, never mix a few beers while signing ;) lol

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