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Thread: FT: Hall/Seguin Bookmarks

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    FT: Hall/Seguin Bookmarks

    I've had this one around for a long time, but it's really not something that fits in my PC. It's numbered /25, and the sale value is well over $100.

    I'm looking for the following:

    1) Toews autos/rookies that I need
    2) Markstrom Cup or very high-end rookies
    3) Tavares autos
    4) Eberle autos
    5) Rookie-year cards of young stars
    6) High-end HOF autos
    7) Paypal

    2010 The Cup Bookmarks Taylor Hall/Tyler Seguin

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    check my high end trade list and shoot me a pm either way please.
    Follow the links below for all my traders:
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    HI Craig. I am interested. I have these...

    Also have a look in the old....

    Thanks, Doug.
    My other hobby

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