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Thread: My Andrew Luck Collection 2

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    My Andrew Luck Collection 2

    I recently sold a few rare chrome refractor autos to acquire the HRX auto that came out for football last year but has not caught on yet.

    In addition to HRX auto score, recent additions include a draft city destinations auto from Prestige. I don't know. Some other stuff included a grid iron coin and a serial #/d/10 Panini Contenders ROY auto. I also snagged a major piece to the puzzle when I completed the R&S Crusade set with a purple prime serial #'d/10.

    I also grabbed a Panini Prestige auto, a score 304 auto (I hardly ever see these) and a Valor base on card auto most recently. No mid range cards recently but at the lower end I also acquired a blue border mini magic base and the 3 card Pepsi of the Week Max inserts for Andrew Luck inserted into Target Retail packs.

    1Panini Absolute Memorabilia 203 Rookie Premiere Materials NFL Parallel Signatures RC 299
    2Panini Absolute Memorabilia 203 Rookie Premiere Materials AFC Parallel Signatures RC 49
    3Panini Contenders 201A Cracked Ice Parallel RC Auto 20
    4Panini Contenders 201A Playoff Ticket Parallel RC Auto 99
    5Panini Contenders 201A Base RC Auto
    6Panini Contenders 201B SP Variation Auto 75
    7Panini Contenders 1 Rookie Stallions Signatures 10
    8Panini Contenders 2 Rookie of the Year Autograph RC 10
    9Panini Contenders 1 Rookie Stallions Gold Parallel 100
    10Panini Contenders Elite Series Pepsi Max Rookie of the Week, Week 8 Winner
    11Panini Contenders Momentum Pepsi Max Rookie of the Week, Week 5 Winner
    12Panini Donruss 1 Elite Series Rookie Inscriptions Red Ink RC Auto 30
    13Panini Panini 11 Player of the Day RC
    14Panini Prestige 229 Base RC Auto 299
    15Panini Prestige 2 Draft City Destinations Autographs SP
    16Panini Prestige 1 Prestigious Picks Materials Insert RC 299
    17Panini Prestige 2 Passport Insert RC
    18Panini Prizm 203A Base RC Auto 249
    19Panini Prizm 203A Base RC
    20Panini Prizm 203B Variation Base RC
    21Panini Prominence 231 Rookie Field Plate RC Auto 80
    22Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Crusade Red Signatures RC Auto 99
    23Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Crusade Red Prime Signature Relic RC Auto 25
    24Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Crusade Purple Prime Relic 10
    25Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Crusade Purple Relic 49
    26Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Crusade Green Prime Relic 25
    27Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Crusade Green Relic 99
    28Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Crusade Red Prime Relic 49
    29Panini Rookies & Stars 12 Crusade Red Relic 199
    30Panini Score 304A Base RC Auto SP
    31Panini Score 304A Base RC
    32Panini Score 304B Base Variation Throwing Ahead SP RC SP
    33Panini Score 1 Hot Rookies insert RC
    34Panini Totally Certified 2 HRX Autographs Video Card 10
    35Topps Bowman Football 150 Base RC Gold
    36Topps Bowman Football CC-LG NFL Combine Dual RC Andrew Luck/RGIII
    37Topps Bowman Sterling 100 Blue Refractors RC 99
    38Topps Chrome 1 Black Refractor RC Auto 25
    39Topps Chrome 1 or 2 1957 Refractor Throwing the Ball Variation Auto SP
    40Topps Chrome RAP-AL Rookie Autographs Patches RC Auto 50
    41Topps Chrome 1 Sepia Refractors RC 99
    42Topps Chrome 1 Blue Refractors RC 199
    43Topps Chrome 1 Military Refractors RC 499
    44Topps Finest 110 Base RC
    45Topps Finest FM-AL Finest Moment Refractor RC
    46Topps Finest FAR-AL Atomic Diecut Rookie
    47Topps Magic GC-AL Gridiron Coins Serial Numbered RC 10
    48Topps Magic RE-AL Rookie Enchantment RC
    49Topps Magic 1 Base RC
    50Topps Magic 1 Mini Base RC
    51Topps Magic 1 1948 Throwback Mini Insert RC
    52Topps Platinum 150 Refractor RC
    53Topps Prime 1 Base RC
    54Topps Strata CCAR-AL Clear Cut Red RC Auto 2 Color Jumbo Patch RC Auto 30
    55Topps Strata CCAR-AL Clear Cut Green RC Auto 2 Color Jumbo Patch RC Auto 55
    56Topps Strata CCAR-AL Clear Cut Blue RC Auto 2 Color Jumbo Patch RC Auto 75
    57Topps Strata SSR-AL Shadow Box RC Auto Jumbo Patch RC Auto 40
    58Topps Strata 150 Base RC
    59Topps Supreme 1 Violet RC Auto 25
    60Topps Supreme 1 Base RC Red Parallel 1
    61Topps Topps Football 1965 Tall Boy Mini RC Auto
    62Topps Topps Football Super Bowl XLVII Patch (Super Bowl Villiage Exclusive 200
    63Topps Topps Football Super Bowl XLVII Card (Super Bowl Villiage Exclusive)
    64Topps Topps Football PA-LE Paramount Pairs Andrew Luck / John Elway
    65Topps Topps Football PA-LP Paramount Pairs Andrew Luck / Jim Plunket
    66Topps Topps Football PA-LG Paramount Pairs Andrew Luck / Robert Griffin III
    67Topps Topps Football Factory Sealed Colts Logo Patch 1 per box
    68Topps Topps Football 1 Topps Kickoff Insert RC
    70Topps Topps Football 140 Base RC
    71Topps Topps Football TFHM-AL Refractor RC
    72Topps Valor Base RC Auto 75
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    good lord man. i cant swing one auto, and then I see that... haha

    EDIT : Wait, do you own all these cards?
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    Thanks WVColtsFan. Yes, I own those. I went a bit crazy this year. I added a Valor base RC auto. I wanted something from Valor but I didn't want to go all out on Valor. I think that the base RC auto with an on card auto, nice centering and edges was a good one. These had a print run of of just 70. To make a long story short, Valor is pretty cool graphically speaking, especially with the boders and zen sayings. It is like Myst meets Anthony Robbins. I collect as close to the base RC as I can get. Anything else is a parallel. I want to cover my bases but there are 32 or so NFL licenses and it makes it hard. I try to find the base in each set. Some sets the base is auotographed like Contenders. That is why I love Contenders more than any other product.

    Check this out 4.m1438.l2649

    Right now this is about as much as I want to pay and I can't because I have to save back up or sell more cards. If anybody was looking for a non auto Andrew Luck Rookie Base, and I think that this is base. I may be wrong but I like base RCs over inserts. Then its cool to move up to parallel base or auto or patch/auto, but I would buy a base over an insert even if the insert was shorter printed. I am going to stake what little reputation I have that this is solid all day long around 50 bucks. This could double some day so you could be getting 100 bucks all day long with a SB win.

    I would use these as general comps:
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