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Thread: have 55 paypal,looking to buy

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    have 55 paypal,looking to buy

    i currently have 55 paypal and im wanting to looking for one nice rc auto or a nice HOF auto,lmk what you have

    1. laroche xfractor/blue ref(would do a card/cash deal if you have one)
    2. stl cards HOF autos
    3.any other high profile rc auto(delmon,weeks,ect..)
    or anything else that catches my eye,lmk thanks!


  2. Kronozio
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    i like these,some of them are just for my own curiosity......

    bowman chrome draft delmon young (slightly dinged corner) - VVHTG

    ud baseball heroes stan musial auto /99 - VHTG

    05 absolute memorabilia bob gisbon auto jersey /50

    bowman chrome draft brandon wood rookie auto - VVHTG

    these may be out of reach,but ya never know,plmk,thanks!


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    chris - the wood and delmon are both out of your price range. the musial im looking for around 45 being its a on card auto and the gibson im looking for around 14 (what i paid for it)...i could give you both for your 55$ paypal....lmk


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    thats a very nice offer,im keeping you in mind,i just wanna see if anyone else gives me any offers,but you are in the lead for sure right now

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    would you have any interest in my nolan ryan when it gets here? BV 120

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    probably not since im assuming your gonna want either my delmon or brandon in return =p


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    no one seems to have laroche autos here,its getting kinda tricky

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