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    2 Packs of 2012 Totally Certified (Finally hit a big rookie this year)

    Well went to the LCS to see if he had any Gypsy Queen turns out he did, but I thought they were a bit pricey for a pack. Saw he had a box of TC opened with 3 packs left. I asked he he seen anything good pulled and he said all he saw was a Matt Cassel jersey and a Ryan Mathews Gold Jersey. So I figured there had to be something better in there. So for $22 a pack I went with 2. I came out on top to say the least, even the Gold auto will sell for a decent price! Here are the results. I don't have scans since I'm at work but I'll add scans later:

    Pack 1:
    -Fred Davis Platinum Red
    -Fred Jackson Platinum Red
    -Sterling Sharpe Platinum Red
    -Matthew Stafford Platinum Red

    The Biggie:
    - Robert Griffin III Freshman Fabric Jersey Auto #'d/199

    So after that I was thrilled and could have walked away at that point in time. But I figured if a Cassel and a Mathews jersey were the only ones he remembered, maybe I can hit another auto

    Pack 2:
    -Darren McFadden Platinum Red
    -Bernie Kosar Platinum Red
    -A.J. Green Platinum Red
    -Patrick Peterson Platinum Red

    And the hit:
    -Blair Walsh Freshman Phenoms GOLD Auto #'d/25

    Though eh at least its a gold, don't know much about a kicker though, looked online and he apparently sells pretty well and would easily pay for the pack! So all in all, a great day at the hobby shop!
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    I would love a shot at the Walsh auto if trading, also shoot me a price
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    Collecting Bears, also pick up Vikings for fellow traders.

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    you killed it, Matt! Congrats!


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    Blair Walsh is a beast. He was nailing 50+ yarders last year

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    I hate the Vikings to the core of my body, but I have to secretly admit, I'm a bit jealous of their kicker. If I had the money for a non PC card, I'd ask for a price. Alas, I don't. Nice breaks.

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