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Thread: 1st time for everything.....

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    1st time for everything.....

    So yeah, I've been collecting on and off for many years now and of course when I started dating my now wife, 8 years ago, I put my collecting on hold. Well, within the last couple years I've started to grab a few things here and there with just some minor box/pack purchases and during this time I've been forced to make up stories about where my new boxes came from. For example, I told my wife that I won a drawing at my local LCS and that is how I got this new box. But I really just had extra cash I didn't tell her about. She REALLY doesn't understand buying cards, she just says it's "wasting money". Well, I got a text from my wife this afternoon and she told me she had a surprise for me when I got home from work. Well, I was thinking she got me something cool to eat or maybe a new movie or whatever but when I got home she had bought me 10 packs of 2012 Topps!! She said they were on sale for 99 cents a pack and she thought she would get them for me. Now, not normally a big deal for most, I suppose, I mean it's just regular Topps, but for me this was her first time buying me ANY cards.....EVER....... Has anyone else had an experience where your significant other may not understand why you buy what you buy, but they know that it makes you happy so they finally come around and start supporting your hobby? I've been trying to get her to pick me up packs for years now and it finally happened. She was looking for UFC cards but they didn't have them, so she got my 2nd favorite sport, football. Now I didn't get any big hits or anything but I did get two numbered cards (Jason Pierre Paul pink border and Zach Brown RC Gold border) but I don't even care, she bought me cards. I think I'm gonna go buy her something nice now haha. Just thought I'd share my excitement....

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    That's a cool story. Hopefully it's something you guys can enjoy together going forward

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    My wife never really understood the whole hobby, but when we first started dating, I would come home from a show with a box or 2, and she would watch me open them. Then she wanted to open packs, and now she watches me do my group breaks and looks at my cards when I get new stuff in. She never bought anything for me as she wouldn't want the chance of getting something that I wouldn't like.

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    My girlfriend doesnt "get it" but she is ok with the fact that I collect. Our first anniversary, we got a hotel room and did the dinner and drinks thing, and upon getting back to the room and doing a gift exchange, there was a toploader taped to the top of a gift bag with a Peyton GU. It was a really cool gesture on top of the rest of the evening. haha


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    The females I talk to about my collecting habits don't really get it either. Personally I don't know what there is to understand with the hobby. We are grown men that enjoy buying cards and in terms of the value and investment potential of cards I just tell them it is like the stock market. Simple to me.

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    If my wife had ANY idea of how much i have spent on cards in the last 2 years, she might divorce me. She doesn't ask questions, and i am greatful for that! I tell her its a business venture but I ship like 1 card for every 100 i buy!

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    It's one thing if you are buying and selling. Then you could def work the "investing" label but I'm not into that. I buy just to bust packs. Truth be told, I don't care if I keep any of the stuff that I open. I put only a handful of cards into my PC and the rest go into boxes to collect dust or I give them all away to my nephew to help his collection. So my wife sees it like I'm spending all this money just to give it all away or to use a personal dust collector. I do not buy any of the high end stuff, where profit can be made, cause that would create some questions about the amount I would have to spend. If I wanted to buy boxes/cases to try to turn over a profit, I would just take that money and go to the casino. I would probably be able to make more money there.

    Won't stop me from buying stuff though, I suppose. Still love this hobby.

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    My girlfriend didn't get it at first. I broke it to her when she first came over and I was showing her my place. Told her that since getting out of college, I've had a lot of time to watch football and wanted to rekindle what I loved doing as a child, collecting. I typically only purchase the same players, which she doesn't get at all, says it's boring and I should at least do one team. I don't have a ton at my place, but I have a lot of cards for the space I have. She's said numerous times to either start listing them on here or give them to my students as rewards. I'm thinking I might go through and get some doubles together and let the kids go wild at the end of the year for them.

    For Valentine's Day, she got me a blaster of Topps baseball. I actually got quite a few nice cards, nothing too special. I was so happy that she had bought them and that I did well with the small break. She was happy I was happy, but not all that interested. I bought a blaster today, and she just gave me this dumbfounded look because I'm trying to save up for my upcoming trip and tires for my car, and I don't need to be spending when it's not for my specific player needs.

    The one bonus, I haven't bought hardly anything since we started dating because most of my time is with her and it costs more to go out or get groceries now. The things we do for our girlfriend/wife...

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