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Thread: Upsetting to say the least

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    Upsetting to say the least

    I think my return to the hobby was in the wrong way. I only returned to get my son involved but I have noticed forums alike really deal just with "big hitters". It is sad that retail is frowned upon so much and the internet has changed the hobby that I feel for the negative.
    I am not sure if I want to continue with, my son, this changed hobby, take another break, or just chalk it up to a loss. I did not know it requires a huge investment just to be considered "trade-worthy" anymore.
    Sorry if this all sounds like a rant. I am just upset over what I have witnessed and discouraged when my son asks why we do not have anything like he sees on the internet.

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    I know how you feel!! I took a 3 year break,just to see it has not changed a bit. Collect at your pace not theres. Just remember its all a fad. Collect what you can afford,and not worry about the others. I love my lowend collection!!

    I have cards people "had to have" ten years ago and was paying hundreds for them! Now im buying them for less than $10 dlvd! Its a hobby,not an investment,if its an investment WE ALL PICKED THE WRONG ONE!!

    Have fun and show your son the FUN of collecting and not the $$ side of it.

    Sad thing,I collect Cowboys,one of the most exspensive teams to collect. You can put a star on a dead goldfish and sells for double. My wife collects Redskins and the RG3 CRAZE is slowing her collection down. WE WILL NOT PAY $500 for a card!! Thats food and electric for a month,and some low to mid end cards for the PC.

    Sorry for my rant also!! Have fun and do what makes you guys happy!!


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    Agree with above, you have to show him that its just for fun. Its fun to chase what you like. I am a Colts fan and I love collecting Colts. Do I have Peyton Manning autos, sure. Do I have tons and tons of Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Addai base cards, sure.

    I collect what I like, whether its a $1 or $100 dollar card! Thats the fun of the chase!


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    Yeah cards are more expensive etc. Also base is looked at as nothing now and only hits have value. Back in the day packs cost 50 cents each,but that is the hobby just get what you want and don't try to compete or have a better collection then anyone else.

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    A lot of hits aren't worth much of anything either such as most non-numbered game used cards. The hobby has definitely become for big money spenders but there are still lower end products that you can still have fun with your son. If not in sports in gaming.

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    Yeah, retail sucks. I took about a 15 year break in collecting and started with retail that I could only use to start a fire in my fireplace. One suggestion I would have is if you have a LCS in you area go in with your son and buy a few hobby packs. I spend a lot of time at my LCS due to the friendships I have made. There are days were I will be there for hours just busting packs, playing pack wars with various people or just watching the phillies on tv. There is a lot of fun to have without spending a ton of money if you can find the right people. My LCS has a lot of events that are a good time. I especially enjoy their high roller nights because I can watch thousands of dollars of product busted and its fully catered.

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    Gotta agree with ya. I collected in the late 80's and early 90's just for fun. took a long break and got back into it a few years ago with my younger son. It's so frustrating to see people list their breaks and complain about the return on their investment, rather than expressing their enjoyment at getting a few cards that they can hold on to. I collect whatever I like and do my retail occasionally but that's simply because I can't afford the prices on hobby boxes. Just keep at it and things will open up...
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    Why wouldn't you just buy stuff that you or your son like? I agree that it doesn't make sense to spend hundreds of dollars to buy stuff you don't like and then try to find somebody online that does like it.
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    I guess it depends. I have tried to buy just what i want to collect, but it is never as fun as busting a few boxes. It's a major rush when your busting packs and pull a nice PC hit or a big dollar hit. The other end of the coin is i have about 2000+hits that i don't want and it is a lot of work to try and move them.

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    I would emphasize that you should collect what interests you... My collection of serial #'d 1/???? cards is really fun... My teaching salary doesn't allow for high $$$ purchases and I don't mind trading for very very low end serial #'d 1/??? cards. If people want more than I am willing to spend, I just pass..

    Keep the faith


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