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Thread: Anyone Ever Done A Hat TTM?

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    Anyone Ever Done A Hat TTM?

    If so, how'd you ship it/how much did it cost etc?

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    I have never personally done it, but I imagine that you would use large bubble mailers that the hat can fit in. Similar to how you use a ball. I saw a little while back that someone did a hat. Here's the link:

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    I just sent one out to Tony LaRussa. I used an 8x10 padded mailer to send it and folded another 8x10 padded mailer inside for him to send it back. I had the post office weight it. Think it might have been around $3 each way. I also include a silver Pilot Paint Marker.

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    I just got my hat back from Tony LaRussa. It came back signed with the DecoColor paint pen. Hat was not damaged at all.

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