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Thread: 2013 Baseball Fan Pack Thread

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    This is from earlier, I forget which day:

    Salt Lake Bees:
    4 player cards from 2012 (most of the players are in the MLB now)
    1 pocket schedule

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    On 04/15/13 I got a Fan Pack from the Houston Astros which consisted of a Pocket Schedule, Sticker and a 4x6 card ( I think its 4x6 ) and Im amazed they sent to Canada! Also gotta send a Post Card to the Cubs and a SASE To the Phillies to get a Fan pack. Does anyone else know what teams send to Canada? Thanks!

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    I got a reply from a few teams today. Sending a SASE to the Tigers, Postcard to the Twins and a SASE to the Blue Jays

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    I would assume the Vancouver Canadians (A) would send to Canada. I would assume that any team that sends fan packs would be willing to send one if you included a SASE, although they would only include items that would fit. The Winnipeg Goldeyes (in an independent league) would likely also send

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    What was the email you used for Omaha? I could not find it
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    It is a personal email, so I'll PM it to you. To anyone else, PM me if you want any email address for MLB or AAA. I am still working on AA and A

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    Detroit Tigers:
    1 Letter
    2 Pocket Schedules
    1 4x6 of Rick Porcillo

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    Arizona Diamondbacks - 1 packet

    It seems like it is made for kids, but has a lot of nice stuff in it including a mini poster

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    I wonder if i email a team do you think they would send player cards like the postcard size? Also what team has them. I know the Orioles do

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