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Thread: 2013 Baseball Fan Pack Thread

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    Lake Elsinore Storm
    pen/toothbrush/autographed Bo Davis program /magnet schedule/stickers/2011 team card set /mascot autograph card/pocket schedule

    Tampa Yankees
    2004 team set/ 2009 team set/ 5 schedules
    Hidden Content ~ best SCF feature ever!
    Go Mets, Colts, Reds and The Ohio State University
    Hidden Content

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    Tampa Yankees
    Game program/ 2009 team set/ 3 schedules

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    Sent a letter to the Rangers and got back
    2 Texas Ranger Logo stickers
    1 2013 Pocket schedule
    took about 2 week

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    Got a Yankee fan pack and in it was:
    1 copy of Yankee Magazine
    1 magentic 2013 schedule
    1 2012 scedule with a Flat Stlanley sticker on the back
    3 Yankees pencils
    1 Yankee hat
    2 Bumper stickers
    1 Replica WS ring from the giveaway day

    Came back quickly

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    I sent them a postcard and wrote Attn: Fan Mail Department

    If you are unsure about any team call them first and they'll point you in the right direction

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    LA Dodgers

    Copy of Dodger Magazine
    3 pocket schedules
    2 Stickers


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    Oakland Athletics
    1 AJ Griffin Oversized player card
    1 Jed Lorwrie Oversized player card
    Letter about history of the team
    Letter about the A's Elepahnt

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    Cincinnati Reds:
    3 mascot cards
    coupon booklet
    back to back no hitter poster
    barry larkin retirement poster

    Washington Nationals
    3 Stickers
    pocket schedule
    Werth poster

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    got back some emails after sending out requests today one success three failures and one I'm not sure what to do with. The indians said one is on the way the braves, blue jays, and yankees said to send a postcard. The giants who usually send online ones actually sent back the following email:

    Hi Paul
    I will forward your name to the folks at MLB who maintain our database – FAN PACKS are distributed quarterly so I’m not sure how far back they are.
    Thank you

    It'll be interesting to see if I get anything back. I with at risk youth and use the packs for incentives along with some other things.

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