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    BGS group Subission accepts USPS Flat Rate too!!!!!! Not only FedEx!!!!!! READ

    I've heard alot of negative replies about the group submission and how everyone would rather add the extra $1 than wait the extra 20 days.
    Did anyone ever think how much time and money they can save if we all use USPS? BGS accepts USPS! WE should vote for the group leader to use USPS and their unbeatable flat rates over FedEx, even it it take 4 or 5 days for the group leader to make it to their PO Box. The group leader says his work and family time will not permit him to use a PO Box.

    I spoke to BGS and they accept USPS but only if its returned to a PO Box. We shouldn't have to pay ridiculous shipping prices for 1 card at $15 for return shipping plus insurance fees if we CAN use USPS. Im not sure if the group leader or SCF in general is getting the $6 per card discount for a big group submission but my math is telling me to try and use a USPS PO Box, otherwise, there's alot of money being wasted.

    The $6 per card is great but if shipping costs are almost 3X more than grading cost, its not such a great deal, is it? Yes maybe if you are grading alot of cards, it doesn't seem like much but I personally only wanted to grade one card this time and $6 to grade it and over $15 for shipping was killing me.
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    The last time I submitted 1 card, it wasn't the fact that I spent $12.50 for shipping & insurance as it was the fact that Beckett sent it back with "Service unavailable" & nothing else. No reason, no explanation, nothing. They just didn't want to slab a card that they themselves list in their database. So basically, it got to take a 2 month vacation to Dallas on my dime.

    I can't wait to ask them about it all in July when I see their booth at the National!
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    I also would've been disappointed for something like that too. I've never sent anything to get graded but I definetely would like to.
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    I have four cards in the Group Submission, think mine came to about $42 for everything, thats $10.50 a card, this is my 4th or 3rd Submission, a extra buck is still a deal! :)

    I let Roger do all the work, what ever works for him, works for me and the group for price, postage has increased, and hurt the hobby in many ways, and paying the extra $1 is part of it. Really I would pay $2, $1 for shipping and $1 for Roger for all the work he does! :)

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