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    2013 SCF Chase for the Cup Segment 2 (Race 1)

    Chase for theSCF Cup
    Welcome to 2013 Chase for the SCF Cup.
    This contest is open to anyone to join.

    Here are the basic rules:
    1. Pick a driver that you think will win. Use him as often as you wish.
    2. The goal is to get the LEAST amount of points. Pick the winner, get one point; second is two points; third is three points; etc.
    3. There are six segments consisting of six races apiece. A prize will be awarded to the person withthe least number of points at the end of each segment.
    4. The person with the least number of points at the end of the season will be awarded the Grand Prize.
    5. If two or more people tie as the winner. The number of wins will determine the winner. If still tied, second-place finishes will be used, then third-place finishes, and so on until the tie is broken.
    6. If you miss a race, you'll be awarded an automatic 44th place finish and 44 points.
    7. Your four worst races are dropped at the end of the season. So missing a few races won't hurt you too bad.

    NRA 500

    Texas Motor Speedway
    Fort Worth, TX
    Saturday April 13th on FOX

    Segment PRIZE:

    2013 Total Memorabilia Total Memorabilia Double TM-DE Dale Earnhardt Jr. 4-color Sheet Metal/Driver's Seat (047/199)

    Grand Prizes:

    2012 Press Pass Ignite Box and 2012 Redline Full Throttle Memorabilia Blue FTJJ Jimmie Johnson 2-color Firesuit/2-color Sheet Metal (4/5)

    Picks MUST be replied to this thread (do not PM me your pick) before the drop of the green flag.

    SHELBYSALEEN-Jimmie Johnson
    jonsportscardz-Jimmie Johnson
    etmill01-Jimmie Johnson
    racecrazy- Jimmy Johnson
    70sbestcardboard-Carl Edwards
    chrisparker509- Carl Edwards
    wrigleyfield-Matt Kenseth
    skippy-Matt Kenseth
    nadeau01_johnson48-Matt Kenseth
    keeb1995-Matt Kenseth
    Leafsfan1967-Matt Kenseth
    mjaneway- Matt Kenseth
    14Smoke2x-Brad Keselowski
    toddsr-Kyle Busch
    aksn907- Kyle Busch
    MattDMC- Kyle Busch
    happyharvick29- Kyle Busch
    ajwest- Kyle Busch
    bgnfan4god- Kyle Busch
    buckhh-Greg Biffle
    Biggums7- Greg Biffle
    chiknlips45- Greg Biffle
    eflo328-Greg Biffle

    tk10775- Tony Stewart
    joeyfan22- Kurt Busch
    conmaddd- Kasey Kahne
    gladdyontherise- Kasey Kahne
    Ripken8fan55- Jeff Gordon
    A2expat- Jeff Gordon
    wolf1bh- Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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    Carl Edwards
    If I have to choose between you and an animal
    I'm not picking you
    If you argue cents on a trade, go pound sand

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    Jimmy johnson
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Patches/Autos


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