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    I know it's not much but $6 for best Canuck

    All my future paypal for the next little bit is tied up in deals made a bit ago, but I have $6 I can spend on the best card I can get.

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    I can send you the code for the redemtion on the left if you like.

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    How about a Limited Jersey Thread of Henrik Sedin /199?

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    Got a Luongo we didn't include before for $5 in my thread here.

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    This one:


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    Do you live in Vancouver?
    Hidden Content Wants: Any GU net cards, GU all star jsy, Int'l jsy, Capt C jersey and patch cards. Want Top shelf Goalie Gear:Osgood (skate)!
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    Cripes, you got A LOT of offers for 6 bucks! Closed at OP's request............
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