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    Anyone else have an issue with this?

    I was updating my inventory for Mario's and noticed that he now has 3 more rookie cards!!! For some reason when the ITG History cards were pulled in, they listed them as RC. That to me in wrong, serial numbered buybacks, sure. Is not the definition of RC then broken by being re-issued? Just because a company encases a card, does not make it a rookie for 2012-13 only 27 years after the fact.

    Here is the link for all to see:

    Would like an explanation....

    Well, guess I am looking for a new photo site as well, ehh maybe not....

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    Well the good news is that this as frustrating to others as it is to me. I guess the way I look at it is that they made 100,000 of these cards and no more. Just adding a sticker to a slab does not change that there are still only 100,000 of these out there. I am not worried about me and my stats in this case, I am more worried about others who do not know better thinking something is amiss here. Call it what it is, a buyback, serial numbered.

    So I guess my question is, if these were auto'd does that mean Mario now has a RC/Auto now as well? After market addition, just like a car, sometimes is good but vintage it is bad. No way I want a 1967 Shelby GT 500 to be anything but stock, not touched up and it must have the right matching numbers. Guess that is why we collect right, if you want original you pay for original.....
    Well, guess I am looking for a new photo site as well, ehh maybe not....

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    My answer is because if you buy a shelby, you will buy it stock, does this mean there is only stock shelby on the market? No. Same with cards. ITG TTM bayback are not listed in the inventory because Price never could get PSA to had his product name on the sticker. So since anyone can send a card that was actually release in HOH and send it to PSA to have it authentificated and then sell it like it it was HOH. Since there is no way to identify these then any one you would send to PSA, we decided to not add them in the card database. So all these card will never be listed other then on ITG website. Mainly this is a error Dr. Price made and I don't think he will make this mistake again. Beckett that authenticated the rookie accepted to add HOH on the sticker and this is why we added these.

    On the other side, remember that we got a lot of request to add all of these. So our decision is based on can we separate them as a unique card and if so we add it. If the card remain the exact same then it remain a rookie. If a auto is added, well we have none at the moment in the database unless they have a identification that make them unique.

    The same way UD has buy back and we added them. ALso if on the back the have a authentification of the autograph done by UD then yes we set the auto attribute as UD had the card sign by the player. TTM and IP will never be added in the card database. We have the TTM manager for this.
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    I honestly don't fathom how in the world this is an "issue" or a problem or anything of that nature. You know, I know, the world knows that Mario Lemieux's two rookie cards are card #9 in the 1985-86 OPC and Topps releases. The rest is just stats, and nothing more.
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    Beckett don't list them as rookies, in fact Beckett don't list those buybacks at all and that's a great thing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    He only has 2 Rookies. People are constantly becoming victims of marketing, that's all it is in this case.

    +1 here, I agree with Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewconnors9 View Post
    sluggo - Fred Garvin = you? lol

    WRONG! I wish tho............ I got a pile of hockey cards to choose a give-away from and nobody even wants to bother googling it. Laziest buncha slackers......................
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewconnors9 View Post
    haha, Fred Garvin the male prostitute :) (SNL)

    Ding!! I'd be happy being Dan Ackroyd as well..................

    Your prize will go out this weekend sir :)
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    This ticks me off too.
    That said if anyone has a Linden let me know.

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