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    Who's a better autograph to get? Adam Jones or Will Middlebrooks.

    Hey Everyone,
    Question for the group. I'm doing a 50/50 and I need to choose which player I want. I know Adam Jones is an All-Star and Will Middlebrooks is a young player, but I was just wondering who you all though would be the best one to get if you could only get one. A proven commodity or a prospect with potential. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    If it were me I would do Adam Jones. You can get Will Middlebrooks through the mail.

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    Adam Jones for sure. He is a good signer IP though.

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    LOL. That is do you like apples or orangesbetter question. I would say get the player that you like the most as we all know that TTM/IP have little value and it is what you want to collect!
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