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    Go with option 2. My own personal opinion it makes it better to have the signature, and on a side note if you tell him it was his game worn jersey for his 1000th game he may strike up a conversation with you, and be curious about it, so who knows he may hold everything up, and put it on. You just never know what kind of sentiment he may have towards it. And yeah don't stress, enjoy the memory of this opportunity!!
    Its a private signing, unfortunately, so I don't get a chance to meet him. I would have loved too. Not the type of thing a player signs every day.

    Im leaning toward option 2 as well, seems to be the consensus....
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    Quote Originally Posted by grandmastablank View Post
    Phildo, why do you want the sigs removed? Just curious....

    Sluggo, Klavalla, JD4short, thanks for the advice. I'm really torn here, because it's like my ultimate piece of memorabilia, and it'll be the centre of my collection forever. I don't care about resale at all. If I just get it signed without personalizing, it fits my collects, and looks nice, but I have no personal connection to it. If he signs it to me, then it's my favorite player's 1000th jersey, signed to me, which is something personal and awesome. But I'm afraid that I might eventually regret it. Haha, I shouldn't be stressing out over this like I am!
    Because I hate autos that much.

    Never say never... might need to sell in the future. If you get auto'd on the inside, you increase the number of potential buyers and still have the special significance of the autograph

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    I personally would not get it signed at all since it is a private signing. If you were actually going to meet him and have the jersey signed that would be different. I am a big fan of items with a personal connection. If you are going to get it signed though I would have it on the inside like Phildo has recommended.

    Good luck with your decision

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    I had this issue come up myself with a Craig Anderson game worn jersey I bought. While it's true that in general that an autograph will lower the value of a game worn when it comes to the game worn community, I'm not so sure it does overall. The Sens have auctioned off a few game worn jerseys and I've overheard so many people comment "It's not even autographed!". In fact, the autographed warm up jerseys have been auctioned off for way more than any game worns from my experience. It's just a matter of finding the more casual buyer who doesn't look on Ebay and game worn sites.

    And since you're not planning to sell it, I say go for it. I ended up getting mine autographed because I have no intention of selling it. I find it displays way better autographed as well when you're showing it off to friends/family. Every one of them didn't understand when I told them I probably lowered the value by getting it signed. As for the choice, I'd go for #2 just in case you ever do decide to sell for whatever reason.
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