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    Looking to buy a case of 2012 football... what were the best products last year?

    Hey guys,

    I have been out of the hobby for a while... again... but anxious to get back in and I thought I would start with a case of some 2012 football. There were some great rookies in the class and wanted to get your guys take on what you would recommend I want a quality product with a chance to pull some nice rookie autos. Price range is something between 1,000-1500.

    Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elgato View Post
    Chrome if you can find it.
    I wouldn't go with chrome, it's not worth the 1800 people are wanting for it.

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    not sure if contenders is in that price range...but if it is...that's your best and safest bet...
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    I agree. $1800 for Chrome is too much. Stay away from the college stuff unless its a real steal. Maybe too late in the season to find a decent deal on anything and next years rookie crop looks pretty bleak so far.

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    Contenders is very good, always have nice ON-CARD autographs of the main rookies! Panini Certified is always good, you can get two 8 box cases for under $1500, Prizm is really nice as well, right at the 1550 area! Or a case of Valor, really good product as well!

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    Chrome is awesome, but you only get 1 auto per box. i like to do mixers. maybe spread your money around so you dont get stuck with a michael egnew hot case. contenders, chrome, limited, and prime sigs all have good stuff in them.

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    I like crown Royale, I have decent luck with it and the cards look great to (just in my opinion) lots of short prints as well, good luck to ya
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    Where have you seen the certified cases for 2 for under 1500? Please advise. Thanks alot.

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