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    Any Coby Fleener Fans? Great Opportunity to add/create a PC- 13 Different Autos/GU

    Looking for Niners, Bama Alum and will check buckets as well.



    All autos can be seen in alphabetical order under low end autos in my bucket and the same scenario for the game used in the game used album.

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    Hey Buddy!! I Like ALOT Of Those Card's. They Would Go GREAT In My Colts PC. The Only Niners Card I Have Is This 1 If Ya Could Use It.

    '07 Playoff "Playoffs" 3 Clr Patch Ser#039/250 #B-6 Vernon Davis

    Thanks, John

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    John- I think I have that one, is it a white card with him in a red jersey?

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    Hey Friend!! Yep That Is The Card. Would Ya Consider Selling. If So LMK Some Prices.

    Thanks, John

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