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    Sidney Crosby’s new hockey smile (Photo)

    Like many of us, the ladies from What’s Up, Ya Sieve? are relieved that Sid’s face isn’t a twisted mess of mangled teeth and shattered bones.
    Crosby said he lost three or four teeth on the bottom, but that emergency dental surgery gave him “new tops.” But no implants yet he said.
    Now that the surgery is over, the biggest impact on Crosby is his diet.
    “It’s been shakes. It hasn’t been too enjoyable that way. Hopefully, maybe this week I’ll start doing that,” he said. “There’s some milkshakes early on. Trying to keep it more healthy now. It’s impossible to keep weight. I’ll be excited when I can eat, for sure.”
    Crosby said there’s no timetable for his return.
    Here’s Sid, speaking about his injury:
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    He looks good. I cannot believe that he has not been given the go-ahead to be able to at least skate. Maybe his noggin is still the concern.

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