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    Alex Ovechkin becomes part of Hart Trophy debate

    Full disclosure: I was one of the many people in the hockey world who thought Alex Ovechkin was done. Not just for this season, but done for good. As in, never to be an impact player ever again. His numbers, his body language and his apparent loss of enthusiasm carried all the markings of a player who had been permanently beaten down
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    He has been lighting it up lately and now leads the league in goals. I am not sure what happened with him, but he is playing with the passion that he did back in his dominating days. Did Oates finally let him freestyle and do what he does best? It was almost painful watching Ovy the past couple of years and struggle trying to play a defensive game. When you are as talented as he is, let the talent flow and dominance prevail!

    As far as MVP talks are concerned, I think he is in too weak of a division and it's not like the Caps are lighting the league on fire. Sure, they will most likely end up with the third seed in the East with the likes of the Hurricanes being major disappointments this year, but I think someone like Kane, Toews or Lundqvist if the Rangers make the playoffs are more likely choices.

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