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    Crown Royale and Chrome redemptions ?? did Panini screw up on this patch?

    I have been waiting on 63 outstanding redemptions and today three hit my mail box.

    Start off with Topps Chrome:

    Now to Crown Royale

    First up

    Now to my question did Panini MESS UP????

    Check out the patch on this silhouette! Check it out because the card is numbered


    Just seems strange that Panini would put such a quality patch on such a high numbered card.

    Not complaining just amazed!

    I am sure down the road years from now when it is time to get rid of my collection I can hear the cries already FAKE ! FAKE! FAKE! but no this came directly from Panini.

    Pleased with the mailday

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    Makes ya wonder when panini has a prime patch numbered 25 or less and its a one color! Congrats on the mail! That Wilson is a beaut!

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    Maybe the first 25 or so are patches!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MCXC1987 View Post
    Makes ya wonder when panini has a prime patch numbered 25 or less and its a one color! Congrats on the mail! That Wilson is a beaut!
    Exactly my point. I have pulled more than one, one color patch silhouette from this year's Crown Royale. Odd too, up to this point all of the silhouette card have fit in a thick card one screw down holder. This Givens will not fit in that holder, had to move up to real thick to get the card in the holder.

    Again, not complaining just hard to believe my luck on this patch, even if it Givens.

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    what are these card companies doing? I dont understand how they can put a prime patch into a numbered card that high and then you look at the prime version of the same card and its a one color patch. I have come across that a few times, for example, 2009 Press Pass Saturday Swatches Rey Maualuga is numbered to /75 but the Prime version of that same card is numbered to /99, plain one color mesh is harder to find than the Prime card with a 2 color patch
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    I pulled a silhouette of another rams guy and it had a crazy patch that wqs the ram head logo. I have seen a bunch. I think it is coincidental is all.
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    thanks for sharing cool cards,yeah that patch is something,it is funny when you get cards that have prime on them and it is a one color swatch like others have said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michigandan View Post
    i'm disappointed, where's the Egnew?

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