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    Minor but irritating - a mini rant on honesty

    I won two cards today on Ebay from the same seller. I was pleasantly surprised to win both for $0.99 plus shipping, not that they're worth more than $5-7 each on a good day, but still.
    The seller (Edmonton-based) had only setup his shipping/payment policy for the US, so after winning the auctions, I had to ask for an invoice.
    In both listings, the seller's own stated policy regarding shipping states: WINNER PAYS 3.00 SHIPPING WITHIN CANADA, 4.00 TO THE US. ... MULTIPLE ITEM WINNERS PAY 1.00 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL ITEM AFTER THE ITEM OF HIGHEST SHIPPING CHARGE.

    I get the invoice back and he charges me... $4.50 for shipping.

    Aside from the fact that out of pocket, it's costing him a $1.34 stamp ($1.50 after tax), how does he get that number? :P
    How can I not think that he's just disappointed the two cards didn't sell for more, and is trying to recoup money in another way? Is an extra 50 cents really worth breaking your own clearly stated policy, and more, reputation over?

    I did pay the invoice, but I also added a message, "3+1 = 4.50? Ok then."

    Folks... just be honest. It's so easy and it goes a long way. :)

    Here's to all the good, honest traders and sellers out there.
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    Give him 1 star - twice and a Neutral for one of the auctions, or both.

    Winning bid prices do not have a bearing on shipping price gouging. That is a moot point.

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    If the 50 cents is such an issue for you why didn't you message him before paying him asking him why? Maybe it was just an honest mistake

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliasDevil View Post
    If the 50 cents is such an issue for you why didn't you message him before paying him asking him why? Maybe it was just an honest mistake

    If it's such an issue, why not send the guy a message? You certainly could have done it in less time than it took to make this thread...

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    I don't mind the thread, as it's a good reminder that we need to be mindful of the details as both buyer and seller, but I'd like to think that this was simply an error in invoicing on the seller's part - definitely worth clarifying. If the seller is a jerk in replying, then it's worth a complaint, but I know I've had this happen a couple of times and all it took was a gentle push/correction to get it fixed.
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    I don't have any problems with the 50 cents, just dishonesty. It's the principle, not the money.
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