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    Curtis Granderson; Acutal or Clubhouse Autograph?

    Over the past 3 season, I've sent the Grandy Man 2 requests, (Spring and The Stadium). Ironicaly, I got both back this Saturday. He sent back my cards unsigned, however he did send a nice pic with an auto. It's clearly not an auto-pen. I was thinking what is the likleyhood that its his actual auto as opposed to a Clubhouse, (Thank you Pawn Stars...)?

    Does anyone know or have any insights?

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    From what I've heard, it is real. And compared to what I've seen online, it looks real. But, with TTM of course, you never know. I like to think that its real, but perhaps someone has a more concrete argument.

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    True True, but.....even though I did not recieve my cards signed, if its a real signature I count it as a success. If its a clubhouse, I'll have it as an asterix. Meaning 100 requests sent, 51 successes with 3 clubhouse; gives me a 51% success rate with a 5.8% clubhouse rate.

    (I know I know, I'm uptight about my TTM stats... I can take out my clubhouise to to 5.88235294117647% but no need to show JUSt how neurotic I can be :)

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    Some players have others sign their autos, Ball-boys, Bat-girls, Coaches, ect.

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    I think clubhouse signatures are a thing of the past!

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    I have an IP Granderson auto from a couple of years ago. Do you have a picture of the auto?
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    Those postcards are legit. Grandyman signed them in bulk during ST/off-season, instead of signing all the mail he would get during the season.

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    I think he's doing the same concept as Chipper Jones. Agree?
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