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    Last pack rule not respected in artifacts, classics signatures and H&P

    Stop at my LCS after my job, and notice someone didn't respect the last pack rules in artifacts, H&P and classics signatures. Decided to try my luck. Have to say a big thanks to the one who left the packs there. Really happy with the results. Everything is FT except the artifacts

    First the H&P pack:
    Mark Mcneill subway super series silver version


    Now the classics signatures:
    notable nicknames johnny bower THE CHINA WALL /50


    Then the artifacts for my set (PC)
    horizontal dual patch /9 milan lucic


    Thanks a lot for the watch. PM me if interested. Got a lot of artifacts FT too not all in the bucket.
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    wow very nice for just three packs and especially the last pack rules

    I never leave them and I buy when I see the last pack in the box too.

    thanks for sharing, the lucic is awesome by the way

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    Hey what do you have for Michael and Mark stone rookies? Any numbered artifacts or o pee chee?


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    Haha I always fall into the trap of the last pack rule and it's NEVER worked out for me. I'm so jealous! :P

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    Wow.......I wish I had your luck. The last time I did this I got base....and a Jussi Rynnas Artifacts rookie. Awesome, right?

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    Awesome hits. And always respect the last pack rule. I have always done this since I once left as well as countless others a pack of UD baseball can't recall the year now that ended up having a Babe Ruth SP jersey card in it

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    very nice especially as last packs haha congrats

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    interested in the Lucic and the H&P if you where interested

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