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    Legendary 1 card Lakers Mailday!

    Got this card in recently, and today i received my one-touch bookcard holder to safely display this very nice card.

    11-12 Preferred Legends Booklet Lakers: G.Mikan/M.Johnson/E.Baylor/K.Abdul-Jabbar/W.Chamberlain/S.O'Neal 13/50

    There are not a whole lot of George Mikan, Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor GU cards, and this is the only card featuring both Chamberlain and Mikan on one GU card, and to top things of this one is also numbered to Wilt's jersey number 13/50!!
    Really love this card and looks beautifull in person, some insane Lakers history on this card.

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    Beautiful card, a ton of rings between those players..congrats!

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    Awesome booklet!!

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