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    still trading my football for your basketball!!!

    I am still looking to trade my Football, Baseball, Hockey for Basketball. I am not looking to do a 1 for 1 trade. I am looking to make larger quantity trades. I just completed a trade of 200+ refractors and #ed in football for the same in basketball! I am looking for similar but it doesn't have to be that extreme! Take a look at my inventory. I don't collect much anymore and am just trying to get all of my cards to basketball. I am not picky about players just want the same value in a trade!!!

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    I will have more time to go through your list when I get home and this weekend. I have quite a few Basketball GU and some AU that I am trying to move. Last count about 200 total. The thing is im just trying to liquidate everything except for what I personally collect. Dan Marino and Ryan Tannehill. I to just want the same value (BV?) in trade so even if you took all 200 cards and I got 3 cards within the same range (even in your favor) I wouldnt care.

    Would you be interested in something like that?

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    only got couple of basketball cards but one is dual auto of cousey /wooden. might be interested in trading if i can find enough football to make it happen. lmk if you are interested in it. in high end of auto album.. thanks

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    If your interested i would do a large lot for lot trade my basketball for your football. take a look at my tradelist in my signaure, its broke down into Auto, GU and Insert categories. I'm a fair trader if your interested in some of the low end autos then i would just want a low end auto back, i'm not going to be unrealistic and waste your time. I would be willing to move anything on the list, just take a look and LMK if theres anything there for you and we'll start there, you have some things i would definitely trade for. thanks.

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    check my basketball for this as well. i'm trying to clear my basketball out.
    Looking for Cowboys, Andy Dalton & TCU guys(Tomlinson, Doctson, Boykin, etc.)
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    cmb for basketball autos and game used .......thanks

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