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    box and a half of contenders hoops - garbage

    Some loose packs was left and I got about 6 of them

    Hamilton Auto and Thomas Auto


    Well these 2 guys showed up again in the box and from the same case? panini
    Tony Woten Redemption
    Tyshawn Taylor Auto
    Metta World Peace Gu /99.

    Will never buy this garbage again.

    Everything is f/s cheap. Will sell all 7 hits for 35 dlvd.
    Hidden Content

    Mainly into football. Looking for RC Auto prospects, some HOFERs and Former Vols.

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    How much for the Wroten redemption code PM'd?
    Hidden Content in progress. I collect OKC. Current and former players have be in current uniform unless the attribute of rookie. I also collect former Oklahoma players, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, Dikembe Motumbo, and Reggie Miller. Always looking to trade up regardless if it's a PC card. I usually ship within the next 3 week days. Want HOFer Autos.

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    They ruined basketball contenders this year not doing the classic playoff ticket, championship ticket, etc. Was absolute trash.

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