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    **BUYING ANY Game Used Cards for $1 each. The MORE, the BETTER GU Jersey Bat Ball Etc

    I'm buying game-used cards (hockey, baseball, basketball and football) for $1 each. I don't care who the player is, just as long as the cards are in good condition and you have at least 15 cards to sell me. There's no need to make a list of the cards /players you have for sale. Just let me know how many game-used cards you have to sell.

    Payment will be made VIA Paypal.

    E-mail me at

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    are you paying with paypal ? if so i have about 15 gued and 5 auto's i could let go for a buck apiece

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    Yes, I pay VIA Paypal. I can send $20 for your lot.


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    i just went through them again i have 12 autos and 28 gued i could sell

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    Sounds good. I can send you $40 VIA Paypal. Please e-mail me with your Paypal e-mail and I'll send payment.

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    ok but we need to post this deal in the trade manager i will set it up and pm you

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    hey ive got 25 GU and 9 autos i could see for a dollar a piece lmk!

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    Bears- Sounds good. Let me know when you've set it up.

    Andy- Please send me a list of the autos at

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