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Thread: 14 packs of Panini Marquee

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    14 packs of Panini Marquee

    I wasn't too sold on this product. It is a lower-end product with boxes in the $120 range or so. Three autos per box but I couldn't find anything numbered or any real appeal to buying any more of this. Also, this set is 500-something cards including the SPs (not the autos).

    I truly don't get the concept of how this set works...

    I will post the pics by the subsets I guess.

    THis is the base design:

    The word "Rookie" is die cut

    These are actually better looking than the scan could show

    Not really sure why the Kyrie is red(I am thinking team color)

    The word rookie is acetate

    The MKG and Miller is a leather-type card. The C-Webb "All rookie" is a die-cut

    So I rounded out a trade with the owner of the LCS. It was several cards that I figured were valued around $20. He offered three packs of this stuff for the cards. I didn't want the other cards. He did. I took him up on his offer and hit this.

    Overall I kind of like this product. However, the rookie auto checklist.....leaves ALOT to be desired. There are even more stiffs in this stuff than other 12-13 Panini product.

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    Pretty solid getting the Davis... better than my pulls. Are the Miller and Gilly Leather available?
    Always looking for Eric Davis cards/items to add to my collection:
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    FT: Hidden Content

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    If anything is for trade. I could use these? Nice hit on the Davis auto also. The Kyrie is red bc of his team color.


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    PCMB for the Jackson rookie, Irving rookie, and Jackson rc auto.

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    Congrats on pulling the Davis. I busted four boxes and hit jack! Most were redemptions including back to back Miles Plumlee and John Jenkins redemptions.

    Did come close to pulling an Erving or Davis and I am not talking autos, I am talking just one of the rookie subsets. Zip, nothing.

    Nice product but you are right, the autos, most only their momma's know and they may not even know some of these people.

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    Yes sir they are. I am trying to move them for either Steph Curry or Kobe. Let me know if you have anything of these guys that you would be willing to trade.

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    I might have a landing spot on the Kyrie and zeller right now. The LBJ is FT but it would have to be a PWE trade.

    I would be looking for Steph Curry and Kobe.

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    Yeah that's why I stopped on this product at the 14 packs...and after hitting the Davis. I mean, I got the guys that I wanted in Kobe and Curry. The rookie auto checklist in this stuff leaves much to be desired.

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    Check my inventory list for the guys you need and LMK what you need for the Lebron. If the other cavs fall thru I will take them also.

    Quote Originally Posted by JaMarchand2012 View Post
    I might have a landing spot on the Kyrie and zeller right now. The LBJ is FT but it would have to be a PWE trade.

    I would be looking for Steph Curry and Kobe.

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    I would like to trade for your Jan Vesely, Enes Kanter and Brandon Knight cards.
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