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Thread: Lets see some rainbows!

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    Amazing Pavelec's! sick Crosby be honest I was about to start a Pavelec PC guess not LOL

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    Mine certainly don't compare to some of the beautiful rainbows in here but what the hay

    /50 /50 /10

    /100 /25

    And my personal favorite!

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    Here's my little Patrick Sharp Limited base rainbow that I just finished up. Still trying to work on the rest of the set.

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    There's only 2 cards here, one's a before & after...........

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    All Keslers All The Time

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    I have several rainbows with Beezer but this is by far my best one(my choice)

    Vanbiesbrouck - 154X/176X and growing

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    WOW Guys thats good, even inserts/base parallels are pretty awesome to look at!

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    Now, I'll share a few more of my PC rainbows.....Robert Mayer


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    Here are the ones I have done for my MVP SC Edition project:

    Base | Silver | Gold(#/100) | Super(#/25)

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    I was able to finish this one in one week exactly:

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    Collecting all Blue Jacket cards

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