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    Marvel Beginnings II Packs for CC Sale!

    There are 7 cards per pack and 24 packs total. Each lot of three packs costs 1,800 Card Cash or 1,500 for VIP Members. One lot per member. This will be available to VIP MEMBERS at 7pm PM EST on Tuesday April 116, 2013. VIP Members get first crack at these for 48 hours! These will be available to all members on Wednesday April 18, 2013 at 7pm EST.

    Outside the US and Canada please add an additional 200CC

    Packs will be mailed when the box is sold out!

    1.) 97S281_27
    2.) Buyinggameused
    3.) Djarum
    4.) 11chaos
    5.) jradford
    6.) duane1969
    7.) Greengoblin78
    8.) mikepro44

    Regular Set:
    Regular Cards (180)

    Top Inserts:
    Artist Sketch Cards (1:72)
    Autograph Cards (1:72)
    Avengers Die-Cut Cards (1:2)
    X-Men Hologram Cards (1:72)
    Marvel Prime Cards (1:2)
    Breakthrough Issues (1:1)

    Product Highlights:
    Chase one-of-a-kind artist sketch cards from some of the greatest comic artists in the industry!

    Look for rare Breakthrough Issues Autographs!
    * Includes comic icons like Stan Lee and Brian Michael Bendis signing over some of the classic issues they created

    One (1) Breakthrough Issues card per pack:
    * Your chance to collect all the momentous covers without spending the thousands of dollars on the real issues! Includes:
    * Amazing Spider-man #31
    * Avengers (vol. 1) Issue #1
    * Captain America (vol. 1) Issue #109
    * X-Men (vol. 1) Issue #94, and many more!

    One (1) Marvel Prime MicroMotion card or Avengers die-cut card per pack!

    Collect unique Hologram cards featuring the X-Men!

    24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack
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    I'll take lot #1, already sent the 1500 cc your way

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    fun product! 1300cc short or Id be all over this one!
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    I'll take lot #3 please..... CC on the way.


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    I want one, I have a PM into enigma to purchase cc for this. If that's good enough I'll take lot 4. If not i will come back as soon as I finalize the deal.

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    Lot # 2 please.
    I'm always looking to trade cards for original Nintendo (NES) games or rare D-Wade or MJ cards! Also, when sending cards out, please make certain the cards are well-protected and well-packaged.

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    I will take lot 7. Card Cash coming your way Roger.

    Edit: Looks like I sent double payment by accident.
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    I will take the last pack. Looks like 6 out of the 7 are taken. #5?

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    I'll take one please. Thanks
    Looking for 05-06 UD Series 1 and 2 Rookies.05-06 UD Series1-201-06-12-15-30-Series2-443
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