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    Weekend Sales/Trade Thread (Scans) Jordans, autos etc!


    Panini Silhouette Cards, depends on the player, no primes. I have a lot, but want some more

    Rajon Rondo Autographs
    Xavier McDaniels Celtics AU
    Kenny Anderson Past and Present AU, Celtics Uniform
    Dino Radja Celtics AU
    Kevin Martin Thunder Jersey Auto
    Josh Smith Jersey auto
    Serge Ibaka Jersey auto

    Prizm Select Jersey autos, or jersey auto cards:

    Bradley Beal or Contenders Substantial Jersey auto
    Dion Waters
    Iman Shumpert
    Marshon Brooks or Contenders Substantial Jersey auto
    Tyler Zeller
    Chandler Parsons or Limited Material Monikers Jersey auto
    Isiah Thomas or Contenders Substantial Jersey auto
    Derek Williams or Limited Material Monikers Jersey auto
    John Henson
    Jimmer Freddrette or Contenders Substantial Jersey auto or Limited Material Monikers
    Marshon Brooks
    Jan Vesley
    Reggie Jackson

    Rookie cards
    Brandon Bass Bowman or Topps Chrome RC
    Dwight Howard Bowman Chrome RC or Topps Chrome or Upper Deck
    Mike Conley Bowman Chrome RC
    Al Horford Bowman Chrome RC
    Russell Westbrook Topps Signature, Finest, Skybox, Topps Chrome (Needs to be in a pro uniform)
    Andre Iguodola Topps Chrome RC

    Shipping 2.50 for anything under 10$. Will not ship internationally unless you pay the entire shipping price.

    Willing to discuss prices and trades as well, have a lot of base I would like to sell too. Best offer prices always negotiable as well.

    Will check buckets, but mainly looking to sell

    Andre Drummond 35
    Bradley Beal 22
    Kemba Walker 15
    Nikola Vucevic 8
    Michael Kidd Gilcrist 20
    Klay Thompson 20
    Tristan Thompson 10
    Bismarck Biyombo 8

    Harrison Barnes 30
    Thomas Robinson 10
    Jonas Valencunias 8
    Isiah Thomas 6
    Jared Sullinger 10
    Fab Melo 7
    Derick Williams 8
    Will Barton 5

    Dion Waiters 20
    Jimmer Fredette 7
    Austin Rivers 15
    Terrence Ross 8
    Jan Vesely 6
    Iman Shumpert 7
    Marshon Brooks 5
    John Henson 7

    Gary Payton 40
    Jeremy Lamb 8
    Tyler Zeller (2) 7 each, 12 for both
    Greg Monroe 10
    Lenny Wilkens 10
    Enes Kanter 8

    Wesley Johnson 5
    Doc Rivers 12
    Eric Gordon GU 5
    Jared Cunningham 5
    Reggie Jackson 6
    Chandler Parsons 10
    Alec Burks 5

    Bernard King 20
    Epke Udoh 5
    Brandon Jennings 20
    Marshon Brooks 5
    Tyler Honeycutt 5
    David West GU 3

    John Jenkins 5
    Andrew Nicholson 5
    Al Farouq Aminu 5
    Brook Lopez GU 3
    Chris Copeland 10
    Norris Cole 5
    Kelly Tripukca 5

    Lavoy Allen 5
    Bob Cousy 35
    Wesley Matthews 7
    Nikola Vucevic 5
    Norris Cole 5
    Kevin Willis 7
    Eric Gordon 18

    Walt Bellamy 10
    Kyrie Franchise RC 10
    Kyrie Prestige RC 10
    Stephen Jackson /25 5
    Dominque Wilkins GU 7
    Zydruanus Ilgauskas 8

    Khris Middleton 5
    Steph Curry GU 5
    Darren Collison 5
    Artis Gilmore 10

    Kyrie Irving SALE ONLY 225
    Kobe Bryant SALE ONLY 225
    Alonzo Mourning 40
    Jason Kidd 40
    James Worthy 50

    Random Refractors, inserts, rookies...PWE type deals, in hopes of getting the RC's I need...1-3$ unless noted:

    Peter Marivich /100
    Carmelo Anthony /499
    Mike Conley /249
    Carmelo Anthony Prestigous Picks /25 5
    Dwayne Wade /100
    Dennis Rodman Metal 5
    Mario Chalmers X Fractor 5
    Chris Paul RC 5
    Some Duncan RC 5
    Mike Conley RC /199 5
    Harden/Pendergraph /100

    Kobes and Lebron 3-5$, Jordans 3-5$ each....condition as is.

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    Anyone today? Looking to make some sales/trades

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    Stuck in Boston, anyone wanna make some deals?

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    Someone wants to trade or buy from me, dont they?

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    Parsons and Waiters Prizms are pending, anyone interested today?

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    Kyrie auto, Thompson auto, Waiters auto, Parsons auto are all sold.

    Anyone today?

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