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    Worst Case of 2013 Leaf Best of Hockey?! + 1 Box

    I opened a 3-box case and another 1 box of the 2013 Leaf Best of Hockey.

    I was really looking forward to this product, but the only thing I got was a huge disappointment.

    But take a look for yourself first:

    Box 1

    2013 Leaf Best of Hockey Bobby Orr 1/1 Sketch Card I Sketched by Randy Martinez

    2009-10 The Cup Emblems of Endorsement #EETO Jonathan Toews 04/15 *BGS 9/AU 10*

    Box 2

    2013 Leaf Best of Hockey Boom Boom Geoffrion 1/1 Sketch Card I Sketched by Lee Kohse

    2011-12 The Cup Honorable Numbers #HNRM Ryan Miller 11/30 *BGS 9/AU 10*

    Box 3

    2013 Leaf Best of Hockey Guy LaFluer 1/1 Sketch Card I Sketched by Don Pedicini Jr

    1981-82 O-Pee-Chee #111 Paul Coffey RC *PSA 8.5*


    Single Box 4

    2013 Leaf Best of Hockey Paul Coffey 1/1 Sketch Card I Sketched by Kevin-John

    2003-04 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Autographed Jerseys #147 Mario Lemieux 24/30 *BGS 8.5/AU 10*

    Especially the second box of the case was a complete joke… I definitely expect more than one $50 BV card in a $250 product…

    At least the single box was really decent.

    What do you think?
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    The first box was pretty good too. Second box was pretty weak but overall not too bad.

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    Like the Cup & Dominion (any year) this is a high risk product. You are not going to get a great card in each box. However this is probably the weakest case I have seen so far.
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    That was a terrible case for sure (for the price), but at least you got saved by the Mario auto in the lone box. That should net you some $ if you wanted to move it. The Lafleur and Boom Boom sketches are nice as well.

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    I don't get the generally lame sketches. Wouldn't a second decent BV card be more fair?

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    Both this and the ITG version were not too good.
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    I disagree, this is one of the most safe highend box you can buy, not at all like the Cup or Dominion. More boring yes, cause you only get a sketch card (which is either hideous ugly or very cool), plus one buyback card. But almost in every boxbreak I've seen you get a minimum of $100 cashvalue back. Yes yes, that sucks, but today that is "good". It's half the price of a Cup tin. Give me an average Cup break, for twice the price, which guarantee to give you $100 back. And, another plus, you're not forced to buy Leaf within two weeks of the release, since the buybacks are old and already got steady values, as opposed to all other products where the value skydive very quickly. So, Leaf is not a risk at all, it's very very likely you get almost half your box money back. The downside is it's very unlikely you get a big hit and get more than your box money back. Personally I take a safe product any day over all the risky products where you have to have lottery-like luck, or be filthy rich and buy many cases, to get a big hit.

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    If you would like to sell or trade the lafleur, lmk!
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    Don't worry too much.. one of the boxes I opened had a Giroux YG graded 9.5 as it's 'hit'.... garbage product.

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    Well what product isn't garbage today valuewise (except for KHL gold, which grabs all the other nhl products, put them on its knee and spank their bottoms), some more, some less. But if that is your worst example it's a poor one, even that Giroux will get $70 with patiance, add the sketch card, even a bad one, and you're closing in on $100. 30-40% back on average, today sadly that is very good for a highend box. Show me other highend boxes which consistently gives this back. Artistically, design wise, content-wise, I got plenty of negative stuff to say about Leaf, but valuewise it's one of the most steady high percentage money-back on average boxes I've seen in years. It's just silly to say otherwise.

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