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    Worst Case of 2013 Leaf Best of Hockey?! + 1 Box

    I opened a 3-box case and another 1 box of the 2013 Leaf Best of Hockey.

    I was really looking forward to this product, but the only thing I got was a huge disappointment.

    But take a look for yourself first:

    Box 1

    2013 Leaf Best of Hockey Bobby Orr 1/1 Sketch Card I Sketched by Randy Martinez

    2009-10 The Cup Emblems of Endorsement #EETO Jonathan Toews 04/15 *BGS 9/AU 10*

    Box 2

    2013 Leaf Best of Hockey Boom Boom Geoffrion 1/1 Sketch Card I Sketched by Lee Kohse

    2011-12 The Cup Honorable Numbers #HNRM Ryan Miller 11/30 *BGS 9/AU 10*

    Box 3

    2013 Leaf Best of Hockey Guy LaFluer 1/1 Sketch Card I Sketched by Don Pedicini Jr

    1981-82 O-Pee-Chee #111 Paul Coffey RC *PSA 8.5*


    Single Box 4

    2013 Leaf Best of Hockey Paul Coffey 1/1 Sketch Card I Sketched by Kevin-John

    2003-04 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Autographed Jerseys #147 Mario Lemieux 24/30 *BGS 8.5/AU 10*

    Especially the second box of the case was a complete joke… I definitely expect more than one $50 BV card in a $250 product…

    At least the single box was really decent.

    What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rydlar99 View Post
    Don't worry too much.. one of the boxes I opened had a Giroux YG graded 9.5 as it's 'hit'.... garbage product.
    +1 .... lol

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    There are only a few true "Big" hits in the Leaf "buyback" boxes and I think some have already been pulled. It's a fun product because of the buybacks and if you're lucky to get a decent sketch, it's fun. Otherwise at $250/pack it's not a deal in any way whatsoever. Honestly, you're better off just going on this website and saying, "What can I get for $250?". You'll still get a variety of stuff offered, but you'll get something you want.

    In my opinion, the only reason you'd buy stuff like the repackaged Leaf or ITG product is because you have $250/$300 to throw away and you're curious. The sketch cards are 90% of the time HORRIBLE and the buybacks are either "meh" or simply garbage (Seriously, $70 for a Giroux BGS 9.5?! Find me that guy and I'll sell him 1000).

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