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    Just made my 1st purchase on COMC .... now I have some questions / concerns =P

    Hey all

    Like the title says, I just made my 1st purchase on COMC.

    Was just wondering:

    - How many people here have bought from them?

    - Are they fairly prompt shippers? ( I believe one of their warehouses is in Surrey BC, and I am also in BC )

    - Anyone ever have any issues with them?

    - Lastly, it seems like I made my purchase while "signed out", which makes no sense to me at all. I added the card I wanted to my cart, was able to pay with my paypal account and got the verification emails from paypal and COMC that the card had been paid for. Now when I go into my purchase history on the COMC site, it doesnt show anything =S

    Any one got some info for me?

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    Im not sure how much is shipped from the BC location - my last purchase a couple weeks ago was shipped from the States and took 4-6 weeks (standard for COMC I find across my 5-6 times buying)

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    I have bough from them a lot and I have had no issues with receiving my cards. As to your purchase, I believe there are two ways to purchase cards, with store credit or directly. I always buy my cards with store credit, but I think if you just put the cards in your shopping cart, you should be able to purchase them without an account, so maybe that is what you inadvertently did. If you have concerns, you can email them and they are usually really prompt with their replies.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I guess thats what I must have done, purchased the card without being signed in. I did not purchase the card with site credit.

    I am not too worried, seeing as I have a confirmation email from paypal and COMC about the purchase including my mailing address and card that was purchased.

    If I have no problems this time, looks like just another site im going to have to do my nightly searches on =P
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    Have bought from them many times. Only had one problem with a large order of over 50 cards. They got one of the cards wrong, but it was not a big deal because it was a non-star base card. I contacted them and they immediately credited my account. reat source for cards, great customer service.
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    i buy 1 card , its was a sp authentic m-a fleury rookie bgs 9.5 and i wait 2 monh and never received the card, i contact the site and they refund me, but they refund the exact amount , because i wait 2 month when i want to request a refund, i had to pay fee, so i recontact the site and they give me more money , it was before that the site had warehouse in canada......but i dont think buying again from that site

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    never had a problem -- sold several hundred cards over the last couple years and also bought several hundred lower end ( and a few higher end ) Preds cards -- shipping has always been super fast for me -- I like the fact that I can slowly pick up a card or two every day or so then hold them until I want to have them all shipped together , thus saving me a ton of $$ --Mike

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    Bought from them twice. Took about 4-5 days to recieve the cards

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    Bought from them 4-5 times, but not since the changeover. No problems, fast shipping, well-packed, etc. Great concept but I don't see how that business model is sustainable (but I feel that way about Facebook, too, lol - can't believe ppl spend money on anything there!). Just need to head over there and see what's new!
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    never had a problem with them usually ships from wa to vegas in 3 days

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