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    Show off your cards of the best player in the world...SIDNEY CROSBY!

    Let's see how amazing of a thread this can be!

    First, one that I traded last summer:

    Then these 3 that are in my PC:

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    here's a few from my sons PC

    And his rainbow

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    Beautiful rainbow^^^

    Here's my Crosby (mainly) rookie year collection, however since scanning it into my photobucket, I've since parted with two Draft Boards (so I'm down to one) and also the 3-color Cup RC #/99 (so I'm down to two Cup RC's):

    Hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery and regain his skating legs soon. At least there's no word of him sustaining a concussion...

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    Well, here's my best one:

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    Tobias Enstrom PC excl. 1/1: 162/214 = 75,7%
    Tobias Enstrom PC incl. 1/1: 168/283 = 59,4%

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    Here's my ongoing Ultimate Signatures project, hopefully UD releases his Ult Sig in this years The Cup!

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    Ok herre is just some of the crosby's i Have in my PC

    hope you enjoyed them, I do

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    "I also Trade based on BV, Not SV so dont quote me Ebay Sales"

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    I'll limit myself to just one PC card. Enjoy!

    UD Cup RC Scans Archive: Hidden Content

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwdonald View Post
    I'll limit myself to just one PC card. Enjoy!

    This is only supposed to be for NICE Sidney Crosby cards, get that low end junk out of this thread! ;)

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    Wow mans, I cannot even compete...........but since these aren't up yet.............

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    All Keslers All The Time

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    I have 2:

    *** Main PCs - Luongo / Mrazek / Fleury***

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