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    Love this thread!
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    Collect Evgeni Malkin Anything Also!

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    Umm wow. I thought this thread would be good,

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    I only have 2 to speak of! Everyone has one of these right?

    I haven't seen one of these yet? Baby Blue anyone?

    Super Collecting Jeff Skinner
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    wow some awesome Crosby's in here!
    Looking for Emerson Etem Dominion ARP #/299 and Collecting Social Signatures (w/ Twiiter Handles), Canucks and Datsyuk.

    Hit me up on Facebook & Twitter - @604breaks
    **Looking for 13/14 PRIME Colors Patch Pavel Bure #2/2 Canucks Place Patch**

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    Nothing too good, but here's my Crosby:

    Cheers: Kieran J.
    I collect: Paul Kariya AND 2009-2010 The Cup Enshrinements
    Singles: 48/48 100%
    Duals: 26/26 100%
    Triples: 10/10 100%

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    I don't have any nice Crosby cards......and your statement about him being the best in the world is just your opinion.

    Nice show of cards!
    GO WILD!!!

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    He is the best, ovi and malkin are up there
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    Collect Evgeni Malkin Anything Also!

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    here are my 5 Crosby cardsscan0016.jpg
    I collect Mainly RC CARDS. Hall Eberle Mackinnon Nugent Hopkins
    Working on NOW Fleer Show Case 3 color Patch RC's Only (PM IF YOU HAVE ANY FOR SALE)

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    Here are a few of mine that I have pics on the PC of.. a few other autos are in my PC:

    Looking for Current Pens and #66 Mario Lemieux cards!!


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    The Rookie NHL Patch auto is the best card!

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