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    1 birthday box of Fleer Retro, wow.

    This box was from my father in law, at distributors cost of 164.00. Even at that price this product is the absolute biggest rip off of all time. I'm in shock and awe as to how overpriced this is, speechless.



    PMG Red /100:


    Ultra Stars:


    Championship hardware:



    ryan miller 94-95 Ultra Group B 1:500

    wretched. I feel for folks paying 200-250 for this.

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    I know I'm in the very much minority, but I think that's a solid box. Any Gretzky insert will be a good pull. And 2 PMG's are sweet as well. But sorry you're unhappy! Happy Birthday! :)

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    It's definitely better than some I have seen but that's the sad part! I like the ideas of the product maybe cut down to one auto and under 100.
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    Ugh, looks like a garbage product for the price. They should've done BAP instead....

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    This stuff either looks great or bad. I don't think the price will stay high on this stuff.

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    Very nice box !!

    Go check the selling price on ebay for these cards, you will be surprised !

    I pulled a Toews PMG /100 today and saw only one on ebay and it sold for 25$ ! Also pulled a Gretzky EX 2001 card, and it sells 16-20$ on ebay.

    But I agree that the price they sell the boxes are too high. But very cool product IMO.


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    i am interested in the gretzky and the miller pls pm thanks

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