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    Boston Marathon Explosions Force Postponement of Tonight's Bruins/Senators Game

    A smart and sensible move by the NHL to postpone tonight's game in light of the day's terrible events in Boston.

    Playoff race or no, it pales in comparison to the importance of protecting the people of the city and ensuring that there are no further attacks planned that could be executed today.

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    yea what a bummer. suck that happened and very respectful thing the bruins (NHL) did.

    We missed half a season for no good reason, i dont mind missing this one for a good one.

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    Today we all need to look beyond the level of sports as it plays a small amount compared to alterning and loss of life. Today's tradegy sets a reminder to us all that life at anytime can be taken away suddenly. We all get involved with things we want, to make more money, to achieve greater success. When in reality we need to be thankful for our family and friends as there is no price that one can place on health and human life.

    Today's events not only effect those who took part in the Boston Marathon and for those that live in Boston. But, it effects everyone across the world that takes the freedom's that we have for granted and rattles those freedom's to the core.

    All the best to everyone. My prayers and thoughts go out to you all.

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