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Thread: Extra WWE Topps 2013 for trade

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    Extra WWE Topps 2013 for trade

    I have some extra 2013 cards that I am looking to trade. Let me know if you are interested in anything and we can work something out. Thanks

    Divas Snapshot- Layla

    Sin Cara Shirt Relic 3clr Black, White, Red

    Triple Threat
    Mark Henry TT2
    Christian TT3
    Miz TT1
    Rey Mysterio TT3


    Wade Barrett
    Percy Watson
    Big Show
    Terry Funk
    Greg The Hammer Valentine
    Rick Rude
    Jimmy Snuka
    Bob Orton
    ****Super Collecting The Undertaker, ALberto Del Rio, HHH and Tara/Victoria***** Hidden Content

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    Do you need any base cards from this set? I also have a Alberto Del Rio Printing Plate if you are interested in buying.
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    I need the sin cara relic and the miz triple threat #1
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    Looking for any Wrestling Cards

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    I need the sin cara relic alot he is one of my favorite wreslers

    LMK thanks

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