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    My small Gretzky collection, all pack pulled!!!

    Very happy that I've pulled all these cards myself, I've been quite lucky the last couple months. I've decided after today's experience to take a break while I'm ahead, so no more buying for 2 months, lol I need to get caught up and sell all the cards I've accumulated!

    Comments are appreciated, thanks for looking!
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    wow, you have some luck busting packs! Nice cards!

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    Wow that is awesome...I have only ever pulled 2 but I never pulled from the Cup...very nice@
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    I really like the fact that you pack-pulled all of those beauties! Well done.


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    really insane to have gotten jackpot on gretzky so many times haha many can bust boxes forever and never grab just one of similar card let alone 4 or 5..
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    Don't lose that horseshoe!

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    Pack pulled?!?! One of those would be a "career" pull for me!

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