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    I use the dryer sheets on bass guitars as well when they come all smoky smelling after I buy them. Looks like it works on anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrewCrew06 View Post
    I'll have had the cards in newspaper for two days by tomorrow. The smell better be off of them.
    I left mine for a week just to be safe
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    Two days and you can't hardly tell they came from a bar, I mean someone's home who smokes. Still a hint on a few, but only if you put your nose right next to the card. Glad I found this to work. Thanks everyone!

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    easy way to do it cut an apple up into 4 halfs,place cards and apples in box cover with lid. Be sure to take penny sleaves off and keep them in box for 48 hours. The apple draws the smoke out. You can also do this to ur car.

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