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Thread: My first year of collecting!

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    My first year of collecting!

    It's been one year today since I first found this website and joined in on the addiction.

    My dad was an avid low end box breaker, but also collected singles. When he passed in 2009, he left me his card collection for me to sell and help pay for my schooling - unfortunately, it wasn't as much as he thought it would be . So one year ago I decided I would sell/trade the cards to keep his collection going, but making it my own. This is what I've acquired in the one year!

    My Eberle PC (Sold a bunch to expand my collection)

    Now my collection of 12/13 Limited Stanley Cup / Trophy Winners autos. I'm planning on doing something nice with these and the Mini trophies that were released in 2003 from McDonalds. (Still looking for Patrick Roy Trophy Winners /50, and the Jarome Iginla /50)

    Messier 13/25

    Lemieux 01/25

    Howe 02/25

    This next card. My dad needed this card to finish off his set, so he decided to buy a box and try his luck. Well he ends up pulling it and he was ecstatic! Definitely a memory I will remember forever. I bought a fairly cheap autograph on eBay and I'm going to get it framed together.

    Don Cherry:

    Quick story with these cards. My grandfather was a coach in my small hometown and he ran most of the hockey stuff. in 1971 he wanted Gordie Howe to visit for a Recreation Assoc. sports dinner so he sent him a letter. Howe sent a personalize letter in return respectfully declining stating: "I am booked right now for almost the entire months of May, through August with business and appearances concurrent with the Detroit Hockey Club, Eatons, Lincoln-Mercury to whom I am contractually committed." Then he goes on talking about how my home town "has a long history of turning out some excellent hockey talent" then states that a fitting example is one of his teammates, Tom Webster. His signature is also on the bottom of the letter. So I plan on framing that with these 2 cards.

    I bought a framed picture of Crosby lifting the Cup with a piece of the net from Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, all it was missing was a signature. So I bought this:

    I also have a decent collection of Signed 8x10s framed on my wall including : Stamkos, Eberle, Hall, RNH, Phaneuf, Toews, Iginla, Gretzky..

    Thanks for the look! It's been a fun year of collecting. Now it's time to start getting into the trading aspect rather than the buying! lol


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    Wow, you had a good year my friend. GREAT collection!

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    Jeff, everything about your little show and your warm n snuggly tell screams "good Canadian kid" and I ate at the Don Cherry's here in Maple Ridge before it mysteriously burnt down so I'm an expert............

    Seriously, those are some beautiful cards and an amazing Crosby frame-up, your little trophy display is probably gonna look every bit as good.

    Thanks for the show!
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    All Keslers All The Time

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    Great Collection! Your father would be pretty proud of how you took over the collection and made some great upgrades. Congrats!
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    Looking for 01-02, 02-03 BTP memorabilia

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    Your dad would be proud!
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    Collect Evgeni Malkin Anything Also!

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    really cool way to keep the collection alive.. I certainly hope my kid(s) would either keep my stuff, or do something similar to what you have done

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    Great story! Very nice collection and the frame look really sick!

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    The Gordie Howe story is really amazing and I think it's a great idea that you want to frame the cards with the letter.


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