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    Mark Rypien

    I was on another site and some guy was telling the story of how he met Mark Rypien. I searched on ebay to see if he had any autographs and besides a couple of psa slabs and non certifieds I could not locate anything of him. Is it true that he dosen't have any certified autos? I am amazed that a former superbowl mvp winning qb does not have at least 1 certified auto. The slab card is actually pretty nice but he deserves more.
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    He has autos in 1992 Fleer, 1992 ProLine and 2002 Topps Ring of Honor, but you don't see them much because they are his only pack inserted autos. The Fleer and ProLine autos go surprisingly cheap (around $25) but the last Ring of Honor auto sold for $200.
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    You can find any autographs a player has by using the SCF Inventory Manager. Just type in the name, select the sport, and click the autograph box. It will tell you every autograph they have.
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    I feel your pain on not being able to find Rypien autos. Finding Theismann and Doug Williams Autos is easy (and thankfully Williams has signed a lot the last couple of years). I'm quite surprised that with the glut of Leaf Best of Sport/ Best of Football and Press Pass Legends releases as of late that no one has gotten him to sign. Maybe we will luck out and he'll sign for the upcoming Topps Archives release?

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