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    Exclamation guru - LIVE BREAK!!! - Michael Jordan UNC Master Collection Box!

    going to do this a little different than usual... Check the pics.
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    First, the Ring...

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    The Base set & the Box all #'d 65/250

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    The UNC Logo Patch Set w/card #6 Autographed!!!

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    Awesome piece.
    The ring is really nice.
    Are the cards made out of anything special like wood or anything?

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    By The Letter "E" Patch Auto #'d 10/10
    Jordan Master Collection Signatures #'d 11/23

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    Metal Universe - Championship Parallel #'d 10/25
    Masterpieces Painting Sketch Card Auto #'d 20/30

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    Great break! Thanks!

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    Would any of the autos be for trade??? PLEASE CMB and LMK! PM works best
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    I trade by bv, sv, whichever makes the most sense in that deal. Don't expect me to accept a deal that you wouldn't if the roles were reversed!! Will get to the PO when I can. Let me know when you plan to send out unless you are MSF.

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    Kinda cool. But for $5000, the patch collection should be a complete Jersey not a manufactured patch. At least some of the patch cards from this set should be game used and not manufactured. Seems more like a $1500 product.

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