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    THE Kari Lehtonen S&T Thread!!! A collecting dream turned reality! MUST SEE!

    Okay folks, the day has arrived. My Lehtonen S&T thread that has been in the works for the past few months is finally ready to go! I got the last card yesterday! This is basically like a collecting dream come true for me. 2003-04 was (and is) my favorite year of cards ever. SO many amazing sets and rookies that year, including Kari Lehtonen. I loved watching him with the Chicago Wolves and dreamed of having these cards. Today, that dream is a reality.

    Here we go!

    First, three "lower end crappy cards" that I LOVE!!!

    ^LOVE LOVE LOVE the Topps Traded parallels!

    ^Have a total soft spot for the Pacific Complete Red parallels / second copy.

    ^A STEAL at 95 cents...SHIPPED.

    Now one that is a little more interesting. Quite possibly one of the best jersey/patch cards you will ever see. And it was a steal at $5.

    Now is where things get serious. This is THE TOP 5. In my opinion, these are the MUST HAVES for any serious Lehtonen collection. I have dreamed of owning these cards for years, to own them is truly a dream come true. How often do you acquire your dream cards, white whales, whatever we shall call them, ALL within 6 months??? Especially when they are all very rare and from before 2005!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

    At #5, my third (AND NOW 4TH) copy of this card (have gotten all 4 since October), I LOVE LOVE LOVE BAP Ultimate Memorabilia from 2003-04.

    At #4, this is argued to be the greatest auto patch set of all time. The solid signature and amazing patch are icing on the cake!

    At #3, this is an EXTREMELY hard find. This card was only available through redemption. Most of the 199 are locked away in PCs...I was very lucky to find one at auction a few weeks ago...FOR $27 SHIPPED!!!

    At #2, a card I never imagined I would ever even see, let alone be able to call my own. Also from 2003-04 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia, the AU RC /100's brother...

    And the brothers together, or as some would call it, the rainbow!

    And here they are with my 2 other copies...

    And all 4 of the AU RCs /100:

    And THE Kari Lehtonen Cornerstone.

    Saw one at auction on eBay, put a bid in at $100. Shortly there after, another one popped up at BIN of $100. I got outbid on the first one and immediately hit the BIN on this one. I had a chance to buy one at the National in Chicago for $125, but passed. I am very lucky to have gotten a shot at another.




    Absolutely speechless I was able to pull this massive feat off. Certainly will be something I will always remember about my collecting. Spearing 5 white whales within 6 months after 8 years of dreaming. TRULY UNBELIEVABLE.

    To conclude, here is a group shot of all of Kari's Rookie Cards...XRC's included.

    2003-04 BAP Memorabilia XRC
    2003-04 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia AU RC /100
    2003-04 ITG Action XRC (not in picture because it is horizontal)
    2003-04 ITG Used Signature Series RC 32/390
    2003-04 ITG VIP Rookie Debut XRC /526
    2003-04 Pacific Calder RC /775
    2003-04 Pacific Complete XRC
    2003-04 Parkhurst Rookie AU JSY RC /100
    2003-04 Topps Traded RC
    2003-04 UD Premier Collection RC /399
    2003-04 UD Rookie Update RC /199

    And finally, The Big 5 all together:

    Thank you for the look and read! Comments would be greatly appreciated!
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    Niiiiiiceeee ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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    great stuff!! Do you collect Lehtonen outside of his RC year? If so, I got a bunch

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    Updated with the missing photos! Thanks for the comments.

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    Hey that is a nice collection. Especially like the SPA patch/auto....wicked patch on that one. Good S&T!!!

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    wow, thanks for sharing such a cool collection of cards. tip of the hat to you bud!

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    My favorite is the Rookie Review but they're all amazing! Congrats on making a dream come true! :)

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    Some nice Kari's there. Congrats on those whales.
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